This past week, despite the craziness of midterms and lack of sleep, I tried my best to dress a little nicer than I normally do.  Now, I don’t dress completely like a slob (well, it depends on who you ask😉 ), but a typical, go-to outfit for me is leggings, a comfy top (flannel is lovely this time of year!), and my ever-present Chacos.

#WhiteGirlStatusForDays #MinusTheCoffee

Maybe I’ll even go a bit crazy one day and add a scarf (look out, world!).  This outfit has yet to let me down and as long as I do my laundry consistently, is always there for me.  Plus, sometimes it is hard to concentrate in classes anyways without the added squirming, poking, and proding some fashion trends tend to contribute.  But I digress.

So, last week I attempted to put a bit more effort into my outfit, even wearing skirt one of the days.   o.O   I am by no means fashion-savvy, but I thought I would have gotten a few compliments or at least feel a bit more confident.  Honestly, neither happened.  I felt the same, if not slightly out of my ‘comfort zone.’

Okay, I thought, maybe the compliments will flow in.

*buzzer sound* wrong!

The only comments I got – and I’m sure those responsible for unleashing them didn’t mean any harm – were “Are you feeling okay?,” “What’s the occasion?,” “You look sick,” “Did you get enough sleep?,” and, my favorite, “Oooh, what’s his name?”  Wow, thanks, guys.  First off, I was feeling just fine until the end of the week when sickness did come a-knockin’.  Secondly, the occasion was that I woke up this morning and had to somehow look presentable for class. Thirdly, a scarf does not mean I’m sick, it just means I’m trying to stay warm – welcome to fall.  And lastly, there does not have to be a he; shockingly enough, I can dress for me. *gasps everywhere*

Now, not everyone experiences the same things or hears the same words.  Granted, there have been plenty of times where I dolled-up a bit more and did receive some compliments.   And please don’t let the only thing you take away from this soap-box-moment be the fact that I apparently live off of compliments.  I don’t.  They’re nice, but not my soul food.

I say, dress how you want to dress and flaunt it!  If you like to dress up and wear a cute dress, boots, and a jacket or a dress-shirt, khakis, and a bow-tie everyday, well dang bruh, you rock it!  And if you prefer sweatpants and a tee or yoga-pants and a hoodie everyday, then own that ish!  Heck, you can even switch it up and pair khakis with a sweatshirt (embracin’ the 90s) or yoga pants with a button-up, then by all means, flaunt yourself.  Honey, you do it best when you do you.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out, but society cares waaaaay less about how you look than you do.  If society says something is “not quite right,” chances are that you take that tenfold.  It’s time to stop worrying about it and just do what makes you comfortable and happy.*

* Disclaimer: there are still rules and limits to abide by whether they are enforced by your school, your workplace, or the law. Please do not think that they no longer apply to you but embrace it as a challenge to find yourself within those limits


2 thoughts on “Image

  1. Hey there Michelle, Interesting post. You are totally right! Only you can do you, so why do anyone else? Great thought. You always look cute when I see you in photos. Probably never notice what you where clothes wise as I always see you are wearing a smile and that takes care of the rest. That bubbly, happy, joyful personality, that only you possess! Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment 🙂 That certainly means a lot! I’m afraid I’m not always the cheery person you speak of, but that’s another thing I’m working on 😉


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