Hammock Thoughts

Currently I’m chilling in a hammock, listening to the breeze sway the palm fronds, watching some kids swim in a nearby pool, and writing this here blog. 

Where am I? you might ask. No, I’m not on a cruise in the Caribbean nor am I vacationing in Florida. I am on a brief mission trip to the beautiful country of Bolivia. 

Hey, it doesn’t sound like you’re mission-tripping to me! you might skeptically add, and I suppose you’re right, but mission trips are so much more than just work. Here’s how: 

Don’t get me wrong, mission trips include the cliché – and not to be neglected- church building, school teaching, vbs (vacation bible school for all you not fluent in Christian-lingo) running, sermon preaching, language learning, care giving, and so much more. However, it’s also about learning and appreciating a new culture and embracing a new people. These people are different from you, and you’re different from them. Half the adventure is finding out these differences and working through them. Missions is about making a difference by being different. Sometimes that means just helping out a little extra with washing the dishes or taking the kids to a pool to swim. 

Mission work is not all challenging; a lot of it is actually pretty fun! It’s not all scary, but there are some nerve-wracking moments. Yes you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, but trust me, with God, there are no comfort zones 😉 seriously.

I can tell you that when God leads you to go somewhere and to do something, He WILL equip you with the means necessary to do His work. It might not be the “American way,” but it’ll be a way that works. 

What other purpose do we have in life but to spread God’s precious Word? It can be at home or it can be around the world…! You only need to just do it! Be the change you want to see in the world. Show others what He’s done for you, and I can guarantee you will be amazed with the results. 

You might be a bit sick of these “Just Go!” Mission messages and I don’t blame you. They’re everywhere and tend to be shoved down our throats right and left. But try to see them through an open mind. There really is a need out there and mayhaps there’s a job that only you can fulfill. 

Being in Bolivia, even for a short while, and despite not feeling like I’m doing much, has rekindled the fire inside of me. This is a life passion of mine now and I want nothing more than to live out the rest of my life on mission for God. 

Once you catch the mission-bug, there’s no turning back. I can only hope that I’m severely contagious. 


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