A Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving has come and gone folks, and with it, all of the food babies America could ever hope for. I hope you stuffed well your face with food and your home with good company, I truly do. But I also hope you took a moment to remember those who didn’t get a chance to make it home to be with their family on this holiday. For the one working hard at a retail store because the corporation refused to shut it down for this one special day. For the one who’s family couldn’t afford a plane ticket for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the one serving overseas who won’t be able to come home for a while. For the one who went for a drive one day and never made it back. For the one who simply grew “too old.” For the one who feels too lost to ever return home.

Whatever the case may be, please, cherish those you have near and dear to you. Family can be a nuisance – I have had my share of annoyances – but they are still family. Friends are the family we choose, and we need to love them as well. So whether I have loved you up close or from a distance, please know that you are on my heart and mind today and everyday. Every contact, every bit of common ground shared, I cherish.

A year ago, I was co-preparing and enjoying Thanksgiving with my African family. This year, my parents and I celebrated while Andrew enjoyed it with his Bolivian family. I miss him dearly and cannot wait to share in the holiday festivities with him next year. But until then, I will embrace the family I’ve got close and love those far away.

I bet Jesus feels the same way about us, and boy, is there ever going to be a feast at that welcome table! More than any Thanksgiving we could ever imagine. And He just cannot wait until we come home!


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