Today shocked the beejeebees out of me. I actually wanted to wear a skirt! I sincerely missed the feeling of wearing one. What? What sort of nonsense is this?! So I traded out my jeans for a skirt when I got back to my room. The skirt was nothing much, just a gray maxi that survived the round trip to Zambia with me, but somehow, it made my whole day. A few hours have passed and I am still wearing this blasted skirt, but it feels like a piece of home. With it comes the many memories of friends, places, and memories from another life. I feel I can conquer the world now – and in a skirt, no less. Take that, Superman!

This occurrence between my skirt and I may not be relatable bit by bit to every human being out there. However, we all have something that reminds us of home or of a place we dearly love. Perhaps it is something expected such as a type of food, a stuffed animal, a worn sweatshirt, or a framed photograph. On the other hand, maybe your “thing” is completely unexpected like mine was (I mean really, a skirt??!). Whatever it is, it brings you closer to and makes you long for that special place.

The earth, despite all of its fleeting glory, is not our home. We are mere travelers on a journey to a greater destination… to our real Home… to heaven. Jesus places little reminders of the splendor we are to look forward to. Look around at the trees changing colors, the flowers still blooming; hear the birds chirping away; and feel the warm sun on your face. These are all gifts that should make us yearn for the place we belong. I really want to go Home right now, don’t you?


One thought on “Home

  1. I hear you and understand exactly what you are describing. Isn’t it wonderful when something we put on can make us feel like and million bucks and take us to another level of warm, fuzzy confidence. For myself, I wish everyday to put on that feeling knowing Christ is there walking beside me and that He will take care of me throughout that day no matter what lies ahead. I can honestly say that doesn’t happen near as much as I would like it too, but I have only myself to blame there. Going forward, I hope to make it a regular occurrence with His help. Hoping each day is more wonderful and blessed than the last, Michelle. Always glad to hear from you!


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