To Live and Learn

Greetings from a warm part of the world! I apologize for not posting sooner (or at all last month 😛 )… I guess it just got pushed aside one too many times. To make up for it, I shall try to post twice this month *starts mentally panicking* 🙂 heh heh

Anywho, we recently passed the three month mark of our arrival here at Riverside and wow! Where has that time gone?! In a few weeks my family comes out for a visit *squeal* and then it will be the halfway mark! What?!

It has been rather nice for in the fact that now we are more settled into a routine of sorts and this feels like home (okay, home away from home). I, for the most part, feel that this is doable, that I can get along with the residents here because, well, they’re human just like me so we have at least one thing in common! But seriously, I have felt so blessed by the people, the location, everything – God surely has been leading in my life. On the otherhand, He has been shaping and molding me more and more into His image with me sometimes complying only after kicking and screaming. There have been some tough lessons to learn: patience (oh boy, still working on that one), meekness, self-sacrificing-ness (*pause* sure, that works), the gift of sometimes not saying anything (thank you, Bambi!), and a few others scattered throughout. The instruction is never easy, but I am so thankful for a patient God who never gives up. Here’s an example of an episode:

God: Hey, you should go do the dishes!
Me: *happy guitar playing stops* Uh, no… have you seen the pile?! Besides, it’s Tanya’s turn… I got the last several piles *resumes playing*
God: But Tanya is busy right now
Me: *still strumming*
God: It would be the nice thing to do… She’d be so surprised
Me: *strumming turning more forceful*
God: It’s what I would do
Me: FINE! I’ll do it… but this is the LAST time! Okay??
God: *smiles*
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – after washing half the sink – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– Enter Tanya –
Tanya: I’m going to go take a shower. *notices what I’m doing* I was going to do them later! *leaves*
Me: God! She barely even acknowledged what I was doing! What?! No “thank you?!”
God: Patience, my child, I never got thanked for what I did
Me: But You’re God! You can handle stuff like that! I’m only a human…
God: Michelle…..
Me: *continues whining*
God: Michelle….
Me: *grumbles and whines some more*
God: Michelle…..
Me: *sigh* What?
God: I love you
Me: What?!
God: I love you! I’m proud of you… and you were totally worth it
Me: *stunned* I-I’m sorry… this is nothing like what you went through while on earth or at Calvary…. I’m soooo sorry!
God: I forgive you. And hey, look, you’re almost done! Now don’t you feel better?
Me: I s’pose so….
God: Want to do it again sometime?
Me: *rolls eyes* Do I really have a choice?

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* This was a reenactment solely for the purpose of entertainment and learning. Any likeness or similarity to any persons alive or, well, alive, is not purely coincidental and probably actually happened. P.S. Tanya did thank me afterwards… 🙂

The producer at this studio wishes to thank you all for taking the time to tune in to today’s program. May you and your family have a delightful day and enjoy the 22 days until Christmas! Peace


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